A little bit of history

International Regatta Descens Ebre, started its journey in 1982 with the first Descent of the Ebro from Tortosa to Amposta.

Its organizers were: the Club Nàutic Amposta and the Club Rem Tortosa, together with the Federació Catalana de Rem.

Year after year, the regatta has been gaining participants and, since 1989, the Descens has become an event of international category, with the participation of foreign clubs.

Let’s talk about the regatta

The Descens de l’Ebre is the longest regatta in Spain and one of the longest in Europe. The section of river between Tortosa and Amposta is also ideal for rowing practice.

The route is idyllic, as it goes through the heart of the Ebro Delta, a UNESCO-declared Biosphere Reserve. Also, the dates in which it is organized are ideal for the rowers because they are doing stamina training at this time.

The competition consists of the combination of two regattas: a 500-metres-long sprint regatta and the actual Descens of 15.5 kilometres.


The price per person for participating in the Descens de l’Ebre regatta is €10. However, it is possible to participate without officially competing, on Sunday, and the price for that would be €5.

To register it is necessary to contact the FCR: www.remcatalunya.cat - federacio@remcatalunya.cat - 93 330 43 49

But if you have any questions, you can also get in touch with us Contact

As for the prizes

In this edition, there will be two prizes for the first and second winners for clubs

  1. one skiff
  2. two oars

For the participants there will also be a lucky draw with various surprise prizes.

Do you want to be one of the winners?